Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Dave Taylor in a picture
released by the Vatican
This is the second article about Channel 1 News's Dave Taylor at the Vatican.  Following is an update he was able to slip out of the concave he is sequestered in.
"I arrived at the Vatican early this morning after taking the red eye flight out of Bridge Port.  The in flight movie "The Cardinal" was pretty good and I'll probably buy the DVD for my personal collection.  Upon arrival I was ushered into a private dressing room and given the outfit I'd be wearing the next few days.  I was then taken to a large hall where the breakfast brunch was under way.
There I was greeted with open arms by Cardinals from all over the world.  I haven't been that choked up since my first day in auctioneer school.  We ate, drank wine, sang songs, and then were ushered into the Vatican's Apostolic Palace to begin the voting process for a new Pope.  I was amazed at how quiet it got and then realized that many of the Cardinal's  heads were nodding due to a full stomach. 
After a two hour break the ballots were handed out and the voting began.  As I am not a actual church Cardinal, I did not partisapate in the voting.  My job was to make a small fire in the chapel's two tiny stoves and to send up smoke signals after the voting.  If a new pope was elected with 77 votes I was to send up white smoke from the stove on the right, if not I was to send up black smoke from the stove on the left.
After two rounds of voting no Cardinal received enough votes so I began burning small pieces of rubber tire and sent up the black smoke.  Everyone was then escorted out of the chapel and to the evening brunch, which was enjoyed by all.
Until tomorrow, this is Dave Tayler from inside the conclave."

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