Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Eagle Scout Dave Taylor
In an unpresidented  move, Channel 1 News's Dave Taylor was given special dispensation by Vatican officials that allowed Taylor inside the conclave to help select the next Pope.    "As I was an Eagle Scout when younger, the jump to Cardinal won't be all that difficult Taylor said, especially after earning a Cardinal Merit Badge at age 21."
Taylor left Bridge Port late last evening for Vatican City in Rome in high spirits and with the blessing of his good friend, the former Pope Benedict.  On the flight over he was planning to watch the 1993 Otto Preminger film The Cardinal, starring Tom Tryon, Romy Schneider, and John Huston, to help him prepare for the upcoming task.
Channel 1 News will monitor Taylor as he goes into seclusion and keep readers updated until a new Pope is elected.  Word that Taylor would be covertly wearing a wire was dismissed as here say.  Stay tuned for the latest.

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