Saturday, March 23, 2013


Bridgeport City officials met last evening to discuss the annual Easter egg hunt scheduled for next Saturday in Bridgeport Park.  As of this morning the park is still under 10 inches of dirty crusty snow which would make it very difficult if not impossible to hide Easter eggs for the egg happy children of Bridgeport.  Making matters worse, the weather forecast is also calling for colder than normal temperatures next Saturday.  Council member Heiden Seik expressed concerns about frostbitten babies and the legal problems the city had after the 1999 hunt.  A Channel 1 News archives check revealed the city was sued after an Easter egg hunter suffered severe frostbite resulting in amputation of the both hands.  Council member Peaka Booe quickly followed up by reminding the newer council
File photo from the colder than normal 1999 Easter
egg hunt, which resulted in the city being sued.
members that hand warming stations were installed  in 2001 and that hunters were now required to wear gloves.  This brought a sigh of relief to Mayor Ben Dover who attended last nights meeting before leaving town on a business trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

The city hopes to bring in giant flame throwers this week to melt the snow pack enough for volunteers to hide the dozens of colored eggs.  If the snow pack can be reduced to an inch, the hunt will go on as scheduled, if not it will be canceled.  Looking on the bright side, an Easter egg hunt has never been canceled in Bridgeport.  In 1988 it was moved from Easter to the 4th of July due to a flood.  This was not a wise move however, due to the eggs spoiling in the hot sun.  Channel 1 News will keep you updated on the developments.

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