Saturday, March 2, 2013


The former Pope and Dave Taylor
go for some thrills on the roller coaster.
The now former Pope Benedict wasted no time in heading to Disney World after seceding his holy office. Dave Taylor was there to welcome him on this the first day of the rest of his life.  The Pope, who now wants to be known as Ben Jones, arrived at the famous amusement park and immediately dropped to his knees to kiss the ground before being reminded of his retirement.
The former Pope was all smiles as he met up withTaylor, his BFF in the parking lot.  Taylor and the Pope became good friends during one of Taylor's trips to the Vatican for Channel 1 News.
Once inside the main gate, Benedict quickly headed for the first roller coaster he saw, dragging Taylor by his coast sleeves.
"These things scare the hell out of me!" he said with a wink, "Get it?"  He was all smiles as he waited in line with an apprehensive Dave Taylor.  The two rode the coaster fifteen times before moving on to other rides and concessions.
A decision on where the former Pope will live out his retirement has not yet been made, but if Friday's outing is any indication, it won't be far from Disney World.  Benedict had tears in his eyes when the park announced it was closing for the day.  As for Taylor, his eyes were vacant and he had what appeared to be dried vomit on his tie.
Channel 1 News will be following the former Pope for the foreseeable future.

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