Thursday, March 21, 2013


Chuck Farley talks with the cow
with whom he hopes to make history with.
"I think she likes me." he told C1 News.

If Chuck Farley of Bridgeport gets his wish, he'll be surgically implanted into a pregnant adult dairy cow and share the womb with an unborn calf fetus.  "I'm truly excited!" he told C1 News.  "I'll be the first man to be implanted inside a cow and the first to be re-born."  Details of this daredevil feat were released last evening at a news conference in downtown Bridgeport.
Forty six year old Chuck Farley standing along side his money backer and sponsor, So Woun Dup of North Korea;      answered questions from people waiting at a bus stop and Channel 1 News.  The idea to try this came to Farley last October as he watched Felix Baumgartner leap out of a capsule 24 miles above the earth. Baumgartner made history that day and Farley hopes to follow in his footsteps.  He had always dreamed of being a cowboy and in his mind he put two and two together, the idea of being placed inside a living cow began to consume his waking hours. He started looking for sponsors to help finance his venture, but was turned down by almost everyone. Even Baumgartner's main sponsor, Red Bull refused Farley's request because of a dairy conflict.  It wasn't until word of his daredevil scheme surfaced in North Korea that Farley's  dream had a chance to bare fruit.  North Korean leader Kim Jong Un learned of the dream on late night cable TV and immediatly sent So Woun Dup to Bridgeport with a camera crew and a blank check.  Mr. Dup is the leader of the Korean State Artificial Insemination Company named Yu Fukyng Gufee and knows a thing or two about cows.

Kim Jong Un sent his artificial insemination
department leader to meet with Farley.
Once contracts were signed and Farley relinquished all North Korean television rights to Kim Jong Un, a pregnant dairy cow was chosen to be what will be called the "host capsule".  Farley will wear a rubber body suit equipped with a life support system, supplying him oxygen for eight hours and two minutes.  He will be coated in K Y Jelly and surgically implanted in the cow's womb along side the calf fetus.  His suit head cover will contain a small light, camera, and microphone for communicating with the "host" handlers on the outside of the laboring cow.  Farley hopes to follow the calf out trough the birth canal and be "born" again becoming the world's first cowboy!
Local humane groups call this idea outlandish and call for federal officials to ban this attempt.  A judge has promised to investigate their claims as Farley and  Dup continue to prepare for the implantation in the coming week to ten days.  The due date for the live births is April 1 and C1N will be there.

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