Wednesday, March 13, 2013


This is the third and final installment filed by Dave Taylor who has been sequestered with the voting Cardinals as they elected Pope Frances 1.
"This morning I awoke to the smell of sausage and bacon cooking and hurried out into the grand hall where they were serving not hot cakes and sausage but what they called Holy cakes and sausage. For dessert we had angel food cake.  It was all delicious.  After breakfast we all showered, dressed, and assembled back in the chapel so the cardinals could begin voting on what was day two in the conclave.
Once again I took control of the two stoves getting them fired up in case someone received at least 77 votes.  On the first count, one of the official vote counters stopped the proceedings when he noticed that there had been 44 votes cast for yours truly.  He quickly informed every one that I was not really a Cardinal and any votes cast for me would be void. There was a loud murmur in the room before everyone quieted down and got back to the task at hand.  I felt pretty awkward, but soon forgot the incident and continued to tend the fire.
After the next count the lead vote counter hollered out, 'We have a winner!' and I started burning some newspapers to give off a white colored smoke.  For some reason the smoke didn't draw up the chimney correctly causing Cardinals to start coughing and the chapel had to be evacuated.  No harm was done and soon the world got to meet their new Pope.
Dave Taylor filing his Pope report aboard
Bridge Port Airlines earlier today.
With my job done, I bid farewell and left the Vatican. I am filing this report as I sit aboard my plane home.  It has been a real neat experience and I hope you enjoy hearing about what really happened in the conclave."

Taylor plans to take a few days off after being part of history for the last week or so. He wants to let it "soak" in.  Channel 1 News will continue to keep you updated on these ever changing events.

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