Thursday, April 18, 2013


Emergency responders locate the pilot in his crashed plane and
find he is stuck in place due to the plane's construction material
which is mostly fly paper.
Just after 7 A.M. this morning emergency responders at Bridgeport National Airport responded to a crash landing of an aircraft at the airport. 
A small fire could be seen near runway 101 where the plane came down, bouncing and landing on it's top some 20 feet off the runway. 
Airport tower officials reported getting a Mayday from the plane's pilot at 6:45 A.M.  Following is a transcript of the initial communication;  (Aircraft) "Mayday, Mayday.  This is experimental aircraft Oh..... Oh, requesting emergency landing instructions. Over."  (Tower)  "Roger that, Oh Oh.  We show you up there and coming down here. Can you tell us the nature of your emergency? Over."  (Aircraft)  " Roger tower, I'm flying a plane made of fly paper, but it is not......... ".
The radio transmission from the aircraft was cut off as it hit the ground at an angle, prompting the tower to sound the alarm for emergency responders.
Emergency Response Captain, Peter Dragon told Channel 1 News, mass hysteria filled the ready room when the alarm sounded, as paid volunteers scrambled to dress and get into their emergency vehicle. Most responders initially thought it was a false alarm and stayed in their bunks.
When the emergency truck finally arrived at the scene at 7:24 A.M., the fire had put itself out and workers immediately tried to extradite the pilot who was stuck to his seat.  "I'd never seen anything like it" quipped Dragon. "The whole plane was a sticky mess due to the fire, making it close to impossible to handle without your gloves sticking to the plane and coming off." 
The pilot had to be cut out of his clothes before being taken to Bridgeport General Hospital where he has the shivers but is recovering.  The plane was loaded on a flat bed truck and taken to the airport maintenance hanger where inspectors from Washington will go over the wreckage for possible clues to the crash.
"The plane's wings looked to be covered with insects, which may have affected the aerodynamics of the wings", airplane expert Lo Wing told Channel 1 News, "Just because it's called fly paper, doesn't mean it will fly."
Channel 1 News will keep you updated on this story.

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