Friday, April 5, 2013


Dave Taylor wrote a message
out on the shirt of the janitor.
Channel 1 News anchor Dave Taylor passed a milestone today when he reported reaching his ten thousands news story. His ten thousands news story was the fact that it was his ten thousands story. He was all smiles as he made the report on his low band private radio program.  "I can't believe it!" he exclaimed out loud after the broadcast, to anyone listening.  He found he was alone in the studio at the time and repeated it to the janitor when the janitor came in to clean the studio.  Upon learning the janitor was deaf, Taylor wrote it out for him on his work shirt.

Taylor later recalled the first story he reported, way back in June of  1978.  It was about a woman who tried to commit suicide by holding her breath.  After the third failed attempt she realized she didn't want to end her life but later died after being scared to death at a Halloween party.  "That story got me wondering what other news was out there, news that wasn't being reported." Taylor said.  "I bought me a microphone and never looked back."  He was hired by Channel 1 News and the rest is history. 
Channel 1 News is working on breaking news story number 10,001.  Stand by and keep watching.
Dave Taylor is all smiles after reporting
his 10,000th news story on Friday.

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