Monday, April 15, 2013


Skid Mark (r) and his Air Band performing  live last night
at the Convention Center.
Young Bridgeport concert goers became ugly and near riotous  last night when city officials halted a concert featuring Skid Mark & his All Air Band. Convention Center security reported the crowd became "unglued" when the band took the stage in their signature attire of dirty underwear, prompting officials to take action.

As the band opened with their one hit wonder, "Skids", security rushed the stage and stopped the concert. Band members Skid Mark,  Buster Cherry, Checker Drawers, and Sweady Balls were escorted off  stage by security forces and led to a bathroom in the Convention Center basement.
Riot Police were called in and many
arrests were made before order was restored.
The 500 plus in attendance showed their outrage by tossing dirty underwear into the air and at security officers.  Bridgeport Convention Center Manager, Margy Null took to the stage immediately to calm the crowd and was quickly covered in boxers and briefs before she was booed off stage. The crowd then emptied out into the street singing Skid Mark songs  and mooning traffic.    Mayor Ben Dover, who is vacationing in Jamaica, was called and he quickly dispatched the riot police.

This was the bands first concert in Bridgeport and sold out in less than three hours according to the band's manager Dusty Rhoads. The band was held in the restroom until Rhoads threatened to sue the city for false imprisonment.  Skid Mark and his air band have been playing together for over six years and according to the bands bio, didn't start getting a following until they started playing their air guitars in their undies.  "The kids love us!" Mark told Channel 1 News, "It's the parents that don't get it.  They had their rebellion with long hair and short skirts.  All we want is to just play in our dirty skid marked underwear."  A fan who was arrested and released on bond, tried to explain it.  "It's not about the music man, it's all about the skid marks.  They're art in the purest form!"  Skid Mark and his All Air Band hope to be on tour this summer providing they can cut a deal with Hanes or Fruit of the Loom. 
Channel 1 News will follow this story and be the first to update you on any pending concert dates.

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