Monday, April 8, 2013


 Oa Ikin Feelit, 49, does not claim to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but is an  expert when it comes to knife throwing.  He doesn't claim to a ladies man, but he is an expert on "pick up" lines and advises younger men on how to pick up ladies in bars, hospitals, or churches.  Feelit also says he is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but is an expert on decorating them.  

Oa Ikin Feelit graduated in the bottom
third of his class. He claims you don't
have to be smart to be an expert.

World reknown expert, Oa Ikin Feelit, will be making a stop in Bridgeport this weekend to promote his new book, "The Expert Expert".   This will be Feelit's first visit to Bridgeport even though he used his expertise of the city to publish a map showing the location of all the pubs in town.  "You don't have to be smart, to be an expert," he told Channel 1 News.  "It helps to know a little bit, but if you can smile and wink,  folks will believe you."  "Once I became an expert," he added. " I decided to use my wisdom and expertise to make a lot of money for myself." 

Feelit sat down with Channel 1 News this morning via Skype and explained how he became an expert.  "I was known as the class clown in school and learned how to take  BS and make it PS or purely simple. Before long I could talk about any subject to anybody and became an expert.   I can now teach anyone how to become an expert if they have two things, time and money.  I explain this in detail in my book."   Channel 1 News also learned that Feelit and Channel 1 News's Dave Taylor were room mates at Scout Camp during the early years.

Feelit's book sells for $19. English language copies are $10 extra.

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