Sunday, April 7, 2013


The time capsule found in the
basement at city hall.
Officials at the Bridgeport city hall were alerted last Monday afternoon to a discovery made by a city worker. Ouh So KaLeen, 41, a city hall janitor was looking for a potential break area in the basement when he stumbled across the sealed capsule which was dated 1913. 
"It was under a pile of debris in a room seldom cleaned, " Mr. KaLeen told Channel1 News.  Printing on it read, 'open in 2013'.  After his break, he immediately notified  his supervisor who then took it up to the Mayor's office.
Mayor Ben Dover thinking it was an April Fools joke refused to open it until last night.  Upon returning home from a late night fund raiser at Hooligan's Drinking Emporium downtown, his curiosity got the better of him and he broke open the seal on the 100 year old time capsule. (*)

Inside the mayor found a few small items which he said were not what you would expect to find in a time capsule, but would not elaborate.  There was however a scrolled document printed on parchment paper and tied with a red ribbon.   Mayor Dover untied the ribbon and unrolled the paper which bore the official state symbol.  Following are exerts of what was written on the paper.
"The city now known as Bridgeport was settled in 1867 as an encampment for the shipyard prostitutes.  Although prostitution was legal at that time, the ladies of the night were not welcome in the new frontier towns  The encampment was formed and was named  Devilsville until 1875 when the name was changed to Devilspoint after bar room patrons agreed, all road signs "pointed" to Devilsville.  As times changed and the new century began, Devilspoint became a vibrant and fledgling  city.  The name was changed to Devilsport in reference to the many ships docking at the city's piers.  In 1950 it was brought to the attention of the city that Devilsport was being mistaken by some outsiders as Devil Sport.  A contest was quickly held for choosing a new name and the winner was a tie between Bridgeport and Bridgepark, with Bridgeport becoming the more popular name."

Mayor Dover hopes to make the full content of the scroll public in the coming weeks.  As for the small items found in the capsule, he has been in contact with EBay about their worth.  He promised any monetary gain from the sale of the items would go into the city coffers.

(*) Channel 1 News was told by fellow fund raisers, this was not the correct version of what really happened in the wee hours last night.  A conflicting report says the Mayor had no intent of opening the capsule and thought he was opening a can of beer.

Channel 1 News will continue to seek the truth and report it as it happens.

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