Monday, April 1, 2013


Bridgeport police were called to a residential address in the Littleton area after the home owner reported hearing noise coming from beneath the concrete garage floor.  Ellie Funt, 36, who lives at the address in question told Channel 1 News she was awakened early this morning by a cracking noise coming from the garage.  Funt made her way to the garage
Bridgeport firemen investigate the hole
in the garage floor.
and determined the sound was coming from beneath the concrete floor.  Knowing there was no basement beneath the garage, she thought maybe someone some how was playing an April fools' joke on her.  That though was short lived however for in the next instant the floor gave way and the car in the garage fell into a four foot hole.  Funt screamed and five squirrels scampered out of the hole leaving a trail of cracked nuts behind them. 
By the time police arrived the squirrels had left the area.  Firemen were called to assist with the investigation and reported finding nut shells strewn everywhere about the garage floor.  Fire Chief, Pat McGroin told Channel 1 News it was the worse case of squirrel infestation he'd seen and he hoped he would be able to crack the case. He vowed to catch the critters responsible.
Getting the car out of the hole will be another story and Channel 1 News will be there.

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