Saturday, April 20, 2013


Mass traffic jam as a result of a Typo
The headline in the Bridgeport Gazette was to read, "Large Fog Bank Will Cover and Devour Bridgeport". Instead the headline read, "Large Frog Will Cover and Devour Bridgeport". 
A large number of local citizens suffer from Batrachophobia, which is the fear of amphibians such as frogs and upon reading this headline, began an exodus out of town.  As shown in the accompanying photo, this exodus resulted in a horrific traffic jam on the Bridgeport Freeway.  Once the correction was announced on local radio station KBOM, drivers began turning around, causing an even worse jam.  It took a little over five hours to return to normal on the freeway.
The Gazette editor, Ben Smokan, apologized and offered a free newspaper to all who requests one.  "The silver lining in all of this," quipped Smokan, "Is it shows people are reading our newspaper."
Channel 1 News will follow this story and report any new developments.

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