Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hazel Nutt sports her winning beer belly at
Bridgeport's Annual Gut Fest.  She won first
 prize,a keg of beer a week for six months and
gets to wear the silver crown for a year. 
Whoever said beer bellies aren't beautiful hasn't been to Bridgeport's Annual Gut Fest.  This years winner, Hazel Nutt drank her way to fame beating out a field of 20 other guzzlers from throughout Bridgeport and the surrounding communities.  Nutt, who turned 30 last month was sponsored by Bart's Drinking Heaven, a beer bar on the South side.  Bart's owner, Sam Drools told Channel 1 News he discovered Ms. Nutt at a keg party last summer and drafted her (no pun intended)  to represent his bar in the contest.  She has been training all winter long and sports a six inch gut overhang.  "I never thought I'd like having a beer belly," she told Channel 1 News. "But it's sure fun when people come up and want to feel it!"
Gut Fest is held each year in Bridgeport to promote the coming beer drinking season.  Nutt hopes to compete in the regional beer belly contest this August at the state fair.  Channel 1 News will be there if she does.

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