Saturday, May 11, 2013


Channel 1 News's Dave Taylor can add one more accolade to his collection after last night's World News Accolades Banquet held at City Center. News anchors and reporters from around the county attended the prestigious affair, not only for the great meal, but for a chance to claim the top prize.  This year, after a roasting of last year's winner Der T. Shame (which almost sparked a food fight), Taylor was awarded the Top Award to the applause and  approval of his fellow peers. A surprised Taylor could only gulp when handed the prize by banquet host, Bridgeport Mayor, Ben Dover.
Each year the prize is awarded to the person deemed most worthy when it comes to "digging" up the facts and reporting a story.  Taylor's nick-name in pre school was "Digger".  This is Channel 1 News and Dave Taylor's first Top award.

Dave Taylor holds the Top Award he won
during last night's Top Award Banquet.

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