Monday, May 6, 2013


Gerald Nitwitsky of Bridgeport failed
to see eye to eye with the Mayor.
Gerald Nitwitsky, 38, of Bridgeport attended last night's city counsel meeting at Quint's Tequila Bar and got into a heated debate with Mayor Ben Dover. The counsel meeting was held at Quint's Tequila Bar on 3rd because of a lingering odor at city hall.  The two men sat across from each other but  clearly did not see eye to eye. 
The city counsel was meeting in a special session to investigate  establishing a new city tax to fund a parachute folding school.  Nitwitsky who fell out of a tree and on his head as a toddler wants any tax money raised to go to his tree climbing school.  "If I had known how to climb a tree when young, perhaps I would not have fallen out of a tree." Nitwitsky told Channel 1 News after the meeting.
The two men went round and round and little was accomplished before an intermission, when Happy Hour started at 9 P.M.  The meeting adjourned for one hour while counsel members sipped beers and discussed other ways to raise taxes.  During the break, Nitwitsky sat red faced and silent, staring at his nose.  When the meeting resumed at 10 P.M. the Mayor seemed more willing to agree with Nitwitsky, but an agreement was not voted on and tabled until next week. The Mayor leaves tomorrow for a sky diving vacation in Utah.  Channel 1 News will follow this story until it ends.

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