Sunday, May 19, 2013


Bridgeport Mayor Ben Dover just back from a business trip to Barbados, has landed in hot water once again.  The Mayor who has used the city coffers to fund six business trips this year already, went on the defensive stressing the importance of these trips and how they pertain to the city's financial future.  "City government is only as good as it's staff." he stated in a conference call. "I'm working on assembling the best staff possible!"

Twin sisters Beaga and Betta Lipsa claim
to have graduated at the top of their typing
class in business school. Both are short
hand experts.
The mayor traveled to Barbados last Thursday to interview candidates for a secretarial position open in his office.  His  personal secretary, Anna Will has requested maternity leave and will not be back.  The mayor immediately wished her well and began a search to fill her position.   Hoping to bring diversity to the city staff, he began looking outside the country to fill positions.  According to the Mayors office two promising leads came from the island country of Barbados, a favorite vacation retreat for Mayor Dover.  After reading their resumes' he felt it necessary to interview them before they were offered a job elsewhere and he booked the next flight out. 
Yesterday he met the Lipsa sisters, Beaga and Betta , twins from birth, both 24, at a downtown Bridgetown coffee shop and conveyed to Channel 1 News in a text, "These candidates know more then they are letting on. They both type with a smile and they know how to take shorthand with either hand! They both gave me a good feeling."  Since the sisters didn't want to be parted, the Mayor agreed to hire them both at a reduced salary.  "It was a no brainer!"

City Attorney Pat McGroin
at last year's Christmas party.
  Not everyone agrees with his travels or methods of hiring.  City attorney Pat McGroin voiced his displeasure upon hearing of the so called business trip. "There are lasses a plenty right here in Bridgeport.  Me own sister knows her way around an office and can type too!  Sounds to me he's looking for more than office workers."  McGroin hopes to run against Dover in the next election.

Mayor Dover is looking forward to the arrival of his new secretarial team, which should be sometime this next week.  The sisters have never been to Bridgeport and said giggling, they are looking forward to the nightlife Mayor Dover promised them.  Channel 1 News will be on hand when their plane arrives.

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