Monday, May 13, 2013


One of these twin beds is missing and
the owners aren't sure which one.
Tom and Tessie Ternover are losing sleep over a furniture mover's mistake.  The Ternovers, both 28 of Bridgeport just went through a hectic two days moving from their apartment to their newly purchased house.  As they moved in and began to settle they noticed one of their twin beds was missing.  They contacted the moving company and were told some of the furniture may have gotten on the wrong truck.  The Ternovers are perplexed and making matters worse, they aren't sure just whose bed is missing.

"I'm sure Tom's bed is missing," Tessie told Channel 1 News. " My bed has a certain squeak to it and the bed we now have in our bedroom is that bed, I'm certain of it."  Tom, on the other hand was certain the bed was his.  "I knew it was my bed as soon as I saw it."  Until the furniture company can find the missing bed, the Ternovers will be forced to share the single twin bed that both say is theirs.

"Channel 1 News will continue to monitor this story until we can put it to bed." quipped anchor Dave Taylor while yawning.

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