Sunday, May 12, 2013


Mora Less remembers little about
his life until yesterday, when for a
brief moment he remembered everything.

In a rare moment Saturday,  Mora Less remembered all that he had forgotten over his past thirty years.  His eyes brightened and he began to shake with joy and then as quickly as his memory returned, it was lost again, leaving him sitting silently.  When his wife Ibby tried to console him, he acted like he didn't know her.
Doctors at Bridgeport's Hospital for the Thoughtless tried to explain Less's condition, but due to privacy laws, could only bite their lips.
Less, 30, was born in Bridgeport to normal parents who after they were guaranteed anonymity, told Channel 1 News that young Mora forgot everything they taught him.  They often thought about giving up on him, but when he managed to tie his own shoes at age 11, they knew progress was being made. "It was not that he was mentally challenged," Mrs. Less remarked, "He just forgot everything we told him."
Later in high school Less gained a reputation as a playboy after asking nine different girls to the prom.   Life in high school was not easy for Less and twice he left school for good, in the middle of his senior year.
A year later he married his former baby sitter, Ibby DePlan after picking her out of a photo in an old family album.  Not a day goes by that he doesn't ask her to marry him, says  DePlan, who loves the marriage, "Every night is our honeymoon all over!"
Less continues to live a quite life in Bridgeport trying not to dwell on the past.  Although his doctors can't help him, they must assure him they are seeking new treatments.  Yesterday, when he had a flash memory of the past, one of his doctors told Channel 1 News, "If he remembers that flash back moment, I just might be out of a job!"
Only time will tell how this all will come out and Channel 1 News will be on hand if and when Less's memories come flooding back.

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