Friday, May 31, 2013


A Long Black Tail Snail is often mistaken for a snake.  They are
not considered dangerous, but if provoked can bite causing a 7"
gash in an arm or leg.
A woman visiting Bridgeport yesterday was severely frightened by what she thought was an evil looking black stick.  The young woman, who asked that her real name not be used, was walking her little dog named Peanut (not his real name either) in Pall Mall Park around 4 P.M. when the dog started growling at what "Pat" thought was a stick.  "I went to call off little Peanut and then I saw the stick move!"  Pat told Channel 1 News's Dave Taylor.  "I then thought, sweet lord, it's a snake and immediately felt like I was going to wet my pants!"
Upon hearing Ms. Pat's account of what took place, Professor Dudly Dinkledorf a leading snakeologest at Bridgeport University, told Channel 1 News that Ms. Pat was lucky that she felt the urge to relieve herself when she saw what she thought was a snake.  "What she saw was not really a snake but a Long Black Tail Snail, which impersonates a snake when threatened.  Although not considered dangerous, they have been known to bite and leave 7" gashes in passive humans. Their main fear is being "peed" on and can sense this.  When Ms. Pat got this urge, the snail sensed it and quickly moved to get away." 
The professor went on to say there is no need to panic.  To avoid the Long Black Tail Snail, stay away from sidewalks, streets, concrete play areas, and the like.
Ms. Pat and her little pup Peanuts have left our fair city but promised to be back after the snails go into hibernation. 
If you have encountered one of these impersonators, contact Channel 1 News.

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