Monday, June 24, 2013


With national and international news focused on Ex-CIA Whistleblower Ed Snowden and the "secret information" he has released to the public, it appears Bridgeport has it's own dirty laundry.  An outraged Mayor, Ben Dover has cut a vacation in Thailand short to return to Bridgeport to help in the investigation of compromised city business. 

City council members react to news of
the leak of meeting minutes. L to R with
sacks on, Jim Dandy, Dick Fitter, Buster
Bean, and Rocky Trail.
The city council meeting minutes of the past two years are missing from the city data bank and a note was left in their place which read, "Now I know and soon everyone else will know...."  City Attorney, Pat McGroin, the city's leading critic of Mayor Ben Dover, was overcome with giddiness and had to be hospitalized over night.

Councilman Buzz Frealy, learned of the
missing minutes while at the ball game
Saturday night.  He left in the 7th inning.
The leak was discovered Saturday night when City Council secretary, Paleza Squeza was installing new anti-bugging software to the city computer system.  She was doing so at the request of Mayor Ben Dover, who was vacationing in Bangkok, Thailand.  As Mayor Dover learned of the CIA information leak and Ed Snowden on television, he immediately took steps to update the city's computer system, calling  Secretary Squeza, "We can't be too careful," he told her,  "Time is of the essence."  As fate would have it though, Squeza was too late, as the meeting minutes had already been stolen.  Squeza called Mayor Dover with the bad news and according to her, he erupted with rage.  He had been in Bangkok on a business/pleasure trip and told Channel 1 News via Skype, that he had just finished up the business side of the trip and was getting ready for some R&R when the bad news struck.
Mayor Ben Dover and staff'
board the plane in Bangkok
for the 15 hour trip home.
Channel 1 News will follow this story to it's conclusion.  Who knows what we might learn.....

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