Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Mayor Dover is  promoting
marijuana legalization within
Bridgeport city limits.
In what seems like an ongoing effort to create awareness in differences of opinions, Mayor Ben Dover is pushing a bill making marijuana legal within the city limits.  Just when some in the city thought the Mayor had gone too far by hiring twin sisters from Barbados to be his secretary, he has come out in favor legalizing pot.  "It's high time we did this!" he said with a grin at a morning luncheon meeting.
As expected this news was met with surprise and outrage by many attending the luncheon. City Attorney, Pat McGroin stood up and shook his fist at the Mayor, "What the hell have you been smoking?  That weed is illegal in this state, not to mention the whole country!"

Mayor Dover joins locals in Amsterdam
to discuss Jimi Hendrix and world affairs.
Mayor Dover waved off McGroin's comments and after the large gathering of the city's who's who quieted down, continued outlining  his plan for city legalization.

The Mayor's controversial hire for
personal secretary, the Lipsa twins
accompanied the Mayor.
Dover returned yesterday from a fact finding trip to Amsterdam.  He and his newly hired personal secretary the Lipsa twins, made the business trip to gather information about marijuana's effect on memory function.  The Mayor told Channel 1 News, the trip was everything he'd hoped it would be. The information gathered about memory loss due to marijuana proved to be fabricated he said.  Critics however, pointed out that the trio missed their flight home twice.  When confronted with this accusation, Dover shrugged and said the flights were early.  If the Mayor gets his way, marijuana will we made legal to all city residents 21 and older.  It will be tightly controlled and taxed, with the money to be used for city improvements and to lower other taxes.

After the luncheon Channel 1 News asked the Mayor what he planned to do next to help this cause, to which he replied, "I plan to take my secretary on a business trip and travel to Amsterdam to gather information about Marijuana's effect on memory function."
Channel 1 News will cover this story again and again.....

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