Friday, July 5, 2013


The annual convention for Bed Wetters Anonymous slated to be held in downtown Bridgeport, has been forced to relocate due to a hotel room shortage. Convention officials are crying "foul", saying there were plenty of rooms available until hotel owners learned it would be the BWA coming to town. 

BWA President Betty Whetsit is    
considering a lawsuit against the
Bridgeport Hotel Association
"We're being discriminated against," BWA president Betty Whetsit declared.  "We are an honest hardworking group of individuals and are very discreet in our ways.  We are not out to soak anyone or anyplace.  We share a love of wetting the bed, that's all."
Bridgeport's Hotel Association countered by saying they were not against the BWA or their charter, but said having a 1000 wet beds all over downtown Bridgeport will deter future business.  "Even with air conditioning, there would be a distinctive odor left in the rooms." said Hotel Association President Peter Puller.

This picture is from the BWA promotional
brochure promoting their agenda.
Bridgeport Mayor Ben Dover was pulled into the fray when Ms. Whetsit demanded the Mayor help their cause and be an impartial judge.  At first he said it depends, but then quickly added he was forced to recuse himself because he had been a bed wetter as a child.  Whetsit argued that he would be the perfect judge because he has been on both sides of the issue.  The Mayor said he would seek legal council and get back to her in the Fall.
While the BWA waits for a court injunction, the convention has been moved to the Crosstown Park where a permit for camping was issued to the group much to the objections of the EPA.   Channel 1 News will follow this story and flush out the truth as it happens.

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