Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Pedar Dragin, 56, of Bridgeport has been riding the Metro Bus Lines bus #12 everyday for ten years.  Yesterday morning started out like any other day, Dragin boarded bus #12 at 8:15 and as he took his seat, the driver verified his pass, which in doing so set off a series of alarms.  Speakers on the bus started blaring out the musical rendition of "Happy Days Are Here Again!"  Lights flashed, whistles blew, and streamers dropped out of the ceiling of the bus.  Sirens attached outside the bus began low and slowly increased in volume until dogs were howling.  Passengers on the bus were  frantic with fright until a flashing sign at the front of the bus, above the driver revealed the cause of the mayhem. "ONE MILLIONTH PASSENGER!"

The bus security camera caught Pedar
Dragin as he got on the bus to become
the millionth person to do so.
As luck would have it Pedar Dragin had just become the one millionth person to ride the bus.  His first reaction was to look around to see who the winner was and found all eyes were on him, including the person who had boarded just ahead of him.  Bus passenger Ali Aanel, 70, of Bridgeport displayed her displeasure by giving Dragin an obscene finger gesture as she left the bus.
Dragin shrugged his shoulders and told Channel 1 News, "Sometimes you're in the right place at the right time. As for the poor lady that missed it by one, if she hadn't crowed ahead of me she would have been the winner."
Metro Bus Lines knew the milestone would be reached this week, just not when or where.  Dragin will be awarded a special plack and free bus rides until his next birthday, which unfortunately for Dragin is tomorrow.  To compensate, he plans to ride the bus non stop until his special status ends at midnight tomorrow. 

Ali Aanel gives Pedar Dragin a one
digit salute after his bus riding award.
Channel 1 News caught up with Aanel at Willy's Whiskey Bar on Main, where she and a group of fellow bus riders were discussing a bus boycott.  "I ain't no sore loser," she told the riled up crowd, "but I ain't no happy camper neither!  I shoulda been the winner, I been riding the buses for 40 years!"  Someone shouted out, "I'll drink to that!" and they all pounded down a shot of Kentucky's finest.
This Channel 1 News reporter was asked to leave right then and did so to quiet the patrons.

Channel 1 News will inform our readers of any boycotts and follow this story if it should escalate.

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