Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Workers came into hot and dark offices
 this morning due to the power being shut off.
In what some are calling a grandiose oversight, someone at City Hall did not pay the electric bill, leaving all offices in the dark. Due to non payment, Bridgeport Power & Light company switched off the electric power at 12:01 A.M. this morning.  City office workers showing up later this morning found offices not only dark, but due to lack of air conditioning, hot and muggy.
Head custodian, Coleen Sweeper tried contacting City Manager Lance Boil without success and was forced to leave him a voice mail on his answering service.
After wondering around in the dark, city office workers were
sent home. "I've done this before, but never
in the actual dark", one worker was quoted saying.
Next office manager Mac DeNife tried contacting Mayor Ben Dover, who left last Friday for Amsterdam with his personal secretary the Lipsa twins, on city business.  He was told Mayor Dover was suffering from extreme extended jet lag and still in bed.  Office Manager DeNife had no choice but to send everyone home until he was authorized to pay the power bill using the city's emergency funds.

BP&L was contacted by Channel 1 News and said they were standing fast by their policy of shutting off power to delinquent accounts.  An official at the power company speaking anonymously said the city's last payment was paid with a check that was returned due to insufficient funds.  The power company gave the city a chance to correct the problem this month, but payment wasn't received as promised by the due date.

In a further update, Channel 1 News just learned attempts to contact the City Manager and the Mayor are now being hampered by the local phone service company.  Service has been terminated for similar non payment reasons.  Channel 1 New will take over and continue trying to reach these important elected officials in hopes of getting the current crisis remedied.
"Bridgeport is too fine a city to be in this situation.  Perhaps it's time the Mayor stay home and do his job!" said defiant City Attorney Pat McGroin, who called Channel 1 News just before this story went to print. Sounds like there are dark days ahead for the Mayor...............

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