Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Police hope someone can identify the people in this
photo.  Supposedly the man that was killed to death
last week, was with these people.
The Bridgeport Police department is seeking the publics help in identifying the people in the accompanying photo.  The picture was obtained from an unnamed source, with a hand written message that read, "The man who was killed to death last Friday, was seen with these people earlier in the evening."

This unidentified man was killed to death
and left on his pillow.

The man who was "killed to death" is in reference to a story Channel 1 News uncovered earlier today, that had been kept from the press in an attempt to flush out the perpetrator. Inspector Hun Kee Dory of the Bridgeport PD told Channel 1 News the man was literally killed to death and left lying on a pillow.  Anyone recognizing this man, is asked to call the Bridgeport Police.
A murder weapon was found, leading investigators to believe the perpetrator or perpetrators knew they had left something behind.  The police refused to disclose just what the murder weapon was in hopes that someone comes back looking for a hatchet.

Channel 1 News will be monitoring this story tonight as the city sleeps. 

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