Saturday, July 20, 2013


Past winners shown here, are ineligible this time around.  They may submit
answers, but they will not count.

For no particular reason, Dave Taylor and Channel 1 News are hosting a contest to test our readers comprehension of past news events, reported here at Channel 1 News.  It's that simple, it's that easy to win, if you know the correct answers! 
Listen to what past winners had to say:

Bubba S.  "It was easy!  Even my neighbors thought the questions were simple!"
Lori D.  "Dave and his newsteam almost had me, but no way Jose' or Hose B, I gottem' right!"
Bob U.  "The prize I won is still working!"
Ebba S.  "When I got them all right, I knew I was in for a suprise!"
Dick F.  "I read C1N all the time, so it was really easy."

This shirt is not new, but is not ripe either.
One prize per winner. One size fits all.
To make it easier and more fair, previous winners, their family members, their doctors, and neighbors they know, are ineligible.  We want to give the losers a chance this time.  The rules are simple and few.  1. Answer three questions about three different news stories from the past 18 months.  2. Post your answers on Dave Taylor's Facebook page and post a comment at the end of this blog posting.  3. All  entrants with the correct answers for all three questions will have their name put in a hat of some kind and one winner's name will be drawn. (Hint: You can find the answers in the Channel 1 News blog)  Contest ends July 25th at midnight.

The winner will win a super groovy GRAND PRIZE!

A true classic t-shirt that will make you look so cool, you'll feel like an ice-cube walking around.  Dave Taylor wore this shirt in Honolulu and was voted coolest dude around.  Now it can be yours, just answer the three questions below and submit them....Good Luck!

1.  In a news story about a fish scam, how much money did the victim get taken for?
2.  In the story about Benz Gon's disappearance, what kind of eggs did he and his wife eat for breakfast?
3.  In a story about electing the new Pope, what job did Dave Taylor have at the Vatican?

That's it, now better hurry, this contest will end at midnight July 25th.

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