Saturday, July 6, 2013


Mayor Ben Dover (lower left) and CC
President Ilene Overalot (r) are flanked
by Pat McGroin (next to mayor), John Dough,
 and other officials of SumTing.
For months now business leaders and city officials have been quietly wooing a company called Sum Ting, with incentives to locate here.  This previously highly guarded news was disclosed last night at a gala dinner event held in the city's Market Square district.  Mayor Ben Dover, Chamber of Commerce President Ilene Overalot, and City Attorney Pat McGroin sat at the head table with the founder and front man of Sum Ting, John Dough.  

This venture started last February when Mayor Ben Dover was on a business trip in Nassau hoping to persuade Nassau businesses to relocate to the city of Bridgeport.  During the two weeks of meetings, the Mayor was introduced to a woman named Gouda Tymsa, who turned out to be the former wife of John Dough, the founder of Sum Ting.  One thing led to another and soon the three were embroiled in fact finding. 
Mayor Dover contacted Chamber President Overalot and she was flown down to join in the fact finding frenzy. 
By the end of the first two days of these meetings, the Mayor and Overalot were convinced that Sum Ting was the wave of the future.  They returned to Bridgeport and began a secret quest to enlighten city officials and the Chamber of Commerce.

Although neither the Mayor or Overalot can fully explain what Sum Ting is or does, they asked that they be trusted.  The city has offered John Dough warehouse space, zero taxes for life, a free bus pass, and a new house in Bridgeport, to bring Sum Ting here.  Dough is holding out for a $10,000 cash advance for moving expenses and for finanial help in the divorce settlement with his former wife, Gouda Tymsa. 

"If something smells, it's usually because something stinks." City Attorney Pat McGroin was quoted as saying as he left the dinner. "I don't like it!"   Like McGroin, Channel 1 News is withholding support on the city's venture and will monitor this story to completion.

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