Monday, July 22, 2013


The inside of the Pearl home looks much the same as others
in their neighborhood except for the cash laying around.
First in a series of the "Well To Do" in Bridgeport.

Earl and Edna Pearl, Brideport residents since 2010 both agree that life in Bridgeport agrees with them.  Both in their early 30s, neither of them has held a job in five years, yet through their business ventures have been able to amass a healthy amount of cash.  "It's like cash is attracted to us!' an excited Earl Pearl said.  "If I was a religious man, I'd say we were blessed."

Earl and Edna met at a Where's Waldo party in 2005 and although won't reveal how they did it,  found Waldo hiding in their closet later that night.  This helped them win an all expenses paid trip touring and hiding with Waldo in Europe. Waldo taught them the ins and outs of making money before he once more slipped away and dropped out of sight.  "The rest is history!" exclaimed Edna Pearl.  "We've had a pretty good cash flow ever since then."

Edna Pearl and Waldo while touring
Europe. "He's not only good at hiding,
he knows what a girl is looking for."
Neighbors of the Pearls agree that they are pretty good neighbors, but that the visitors they have coming and going all night long are a bit of a nuisance.  The Pearls say it is just people looking for Waldo.  "We charge them for clues to Waldo's where abouts." said Pearl.  "It's a good business. So far it's kept the wolf from our door." 
The police department isn't  sure what to think, but is keeping it's distance for now. "This is a head scratcher." the chief said.

Channel 1 News will follow this story and keep our readers up to date on where Waldo might be.

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