Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Channel 1 News's Dave Taylor was summoned by Queen Elizabeth II Monday, just hours after the birth of her great grandson and third in line for the throne.  Her royal highness and Taylor became good friends while he was covering the Summer Olympics last year and according to sources close to Taylor, the friendship has flourished.  They have exchanged birthday and Christmas cards as well as enjoyed numerous live Skype video calls.

The Queen greets Dave Taylor outside
the royal hospital room of the unnamed
royal baby boy.
Although the purpose of the summons was kept secret, it is believed that the Queen, Prince William, and Kate are hoping Taylor can assist in naming the new 8 pound 6 once royal baby boy.  There has been much speculation about a name, but hospital staff have reported anonymously, the royal family is just plain stumped.
The Queen was overheard telling Kate and William that Dave Taylor had helped her name two of her royal fish and was able to call a spade a spade in a royal game of cards.  She was also amazed how often he was able to get the right answer when playing "Name That Tune".  "He's just really good with names, "  she said as she shook her head in wonderment. 

Taylor arrived in England at day break this morning and after a quick stop at an early morning pub, was taken directly to the hospital where the royal family were all waiting.  Upon meeting the Queen he bowed and they both then went into Kate's hospital room where Prince William and Kate were pouring over baby names in a book.

As the world awaits a name for the new baby, one wonders if the baby won't end up being  named Dave in honor of his service to the Queen.  Can a Knighthood be far off?   Channel 1 News will keep abreast to this story from the inside.

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