Thursday, July 18, 2013


The Soft & Brown Co. of Bridgeport has been watching the re-introduction of Twinkies by Hostess and hope to have the same success by re-introducing Stink-Eze, the scented baby diaper.  Soft & Brown Company co-founder Barry Soft looked like the cat that swallowed the canary when he announced his company's decision to once again market the specially scented diapers. With the company slogan "Try Stink-Eze for a Change!" attached to the podium, he addressed members of the press last night.

This photo from the Stink-Eze brochure
shows a happy dad.  "There's no smell
and I only have to change her once a day."

"After watching the success of the re-introduction of Twinkies, we at Soft & Brown have decided to start manufacturing and selling Stink-Eze diapers once again.  No one likes smelly diapers and with Stink-Eze you can leave the diaper on baby longer between changes and that saves mom and dad money."  He went on to express interest in getting into the adult diaper business as well.  "No more embarrassing diaper odors for uncle Ben to contend with when out with friends."

Soft & Brown co-founder Barry Soft
shown here in an adult Stink-Eze
proto-type diaper. "It works!" he
exclaimed after wearing the diaper
for 24 plus hours.
Stink-Eze is a patented diaper made of a secret space aged material that absorbs the smell often associated with "dirty" diapers.  A sales brochure explained that the soft cloth like diaper can be cleaned and reused ten times.  Many at the press conference showed interest in the adult diaper.  "Every one knows or has an Uncle Ben," one reporter quipped.  He later sheepishly admitted his name was Ben.
Stink-Eze could easily put Bridgeport in the national spotlight.  Only time will tell and Channel 1 News will be there.

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