Thursday, July 4, 2013


An ariel view shows the parade entering
the freeway system. (Red arrow)
Parade officials are scratching their heads as to what happened at this morning's annual 4th of July parade, causing it to enter the city freeway system.  The parade was moving perfectly down the scheduled parade route until it came to the new roundabout at Clover St.  Somehow the lead float became confused at a roundabout and it headed down the entrance ramp onto the freeway, causing a massive snarl in traffic. 

As the parade moved along at 5 mph onto the freeway, traffic moving along at 70 mph swerved to miss the float carrying the 4th of July Queen and her court, who were on the fifth float.  Their faces were filled with horror as semi trucks swerved to miss them.

Traffic came to a virtual stand still on the
freeway as the 4th of July parade entered
the Bridgeport freeway system.
Traffic soon slowed down, coming to a halt as the parade made it's way along the two mile stretch to the next exit. Mayor Ben Dover, who was on hand as an advisor, vowed to call a special meeting of the parade committee.
"Heads will fly!" he proclaimed to a small group of parade goers in front of Billygoats Bar and Grill.  "I promise that the upcoming Halloween parade will go off without a hitch, even if I have to hire professional parade organizers." 
The 4th of July Queen's float arrived at the parade ending point and she was escorted directly to the offices of Ooh, Shet, attorneys specializing in parade mishaps.  The city may be in for a massive law suit and Mayor Ben Dover hopes to talk to the Queen this weekend to defuse the issue.
Channel 1 News will report further updates as the come into the office.

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