Wednesday, July 24, 2013


As reported yesterday, Dave Taylor was summoned to London at the request of the Queen to help name the latest heir to the throne.  Taylor joined the Queen and the proud parents, Prince William and wife Kate Middton in an all night name search for the little tyke.  Taylor was reached this morning via telephone and gave Channel 1 News the following update.

Kate's room where we spent countless hours playing
the name game. We were able to watch "The Price
is Right" (The Queen's favorite show) on the overhead
 TV screens. 
"First tell our readers that the Queen wants to thank everyone in the U.S. for the fan mail she received after her appearance with James Bond at the Olympics.  'It was a royal hoot', she said.

After I arrived at the hospital yesterday and was ushered into Kate's hospital room, I could tell that they were rather tense.  William and Kate were using both  Google searches and  a stack of baby name books  in their pursuit of the perfect name.  As the Queen and I entered the room, they both were relieved. Four heads were better than two. Then the real work began.  Some of the names we eliminated right away were  Ahole, Arse, Balls, Cocka, Dong, Edick, Focker, and Gonad. We found it helped to try out each name with 'King' in front of it.  King Dong brought a smile to both William and Kate, but the Queen's stern look quickly put an end to that name.
William and Kate got a
stern look from the Queen
over one of the name choices.

After ten hours we gave up for the day and I was put up in a room at Buckingham Palace.  I have to agree with what the Queen said to me, "It's really feels special to be special."  I am enjoying some much needed rest and will be back at it tomorrow unless William and Kate come up with a name before then."
Channel 1 News will continue updating the public from inside the Palace until a name is chosen.

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