Thursday, July 25, 2013


If you follow Channel 1 News, you know that Dave Taylor has been in London helping with names for William and Kate's  new baby boy.  After a marathon brain storming session proved fruitless the first night, Dave rested comfortably in his own room at Buckingham Palace.
This morning as Dave was having breakfast at a nearby pub, he heard the bells start to ring outside and knew what it meant.  The royal couple had decided on a name and sure enough, ten minutes later he was summoned to the hospital. 
Once at the hospital, he was greeted by the Queen and the smiling young couple.  It was then Taylor learned that the names he had recommended, all three of them would be used.  They all drank a toast and then took the new baby George out to the waiting throngs of commoners. 
Dave Taylor, Kate, & William introduce
George Alexander Louis to the world.
The shorter Queen was behind Kate
and since she hadn't any make-up on
didn't want to be in the picture.

When asked where he came up with the names, he explained that George and Alexander were his grandfathers and according to his mother, Louis was their milkman.

Taylor plans to spend a few days resting in England before heading home. He plans to write a book on the experience and hopes to return to England one day soon.

Channel 1 News welcomes George Alexander Louis into the world!

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