Tuesday, August 6, 2013


 Bomber star pitcher  T Ball, denies knowing
anything about steroids or any other drugs.
His pitches have been clocked at 120 mph. 

As the world struggles with the suspension of superstar baseball players like A Rod and 12 other big league players,  the Bridgeport Bombers have their own player problems.  Tommy Teste aka T Ball, failed  a surprise drug test this morning much to his surprise.   "Hey I'm not into drugs!" he exclaimed to Bridgeport Baseball Commissioner, Brutus Ayoudead.  "All my strength and muscle tone comes from the Lord".
T Ball was stopped early this morning as he was letting himself into his apartment on Swinger St. after a night of frolic with friends.  Commissioner Ayoudead and two assistants followed T Ball into his apartment where the special drug test was given.  "To appease our fans, these surprise tests are given when our players least expect them." Commissioner Ayoudead told CHANNEL 1 NEWS.  The test contains 20 true or false questions followed by 20 multiple choice questions.  T Ball was reported to have gotten all but seven wrong, meaning an automatic thirty day suspension. 
T Ball pleaded with the commissioner to no avail.  "I'm in love with the game, but it's the money I'll miss most." he said in a somber tone.  T Ball is reported to make $5000 a game, meaning this suspension will cost him $100,000.  If he appeals and loses he may have to return his baseball jersey and hat also.  "I know my fans are going to be let down, but I plan to stay pumped up until I can get back on the field.  You have to keep yourself pumped at all times!" he said with a grin.
CHANNEL 1 NEWS will follow this story and keep you updated.


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