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Mom Mary Melons, is debating weening
her son before he graduates from high
school. She hopes to get some tips on
weening the older child.
Bridgeport will host a breast feeding seminar next weekend August 17 and 18, with hopes of answering the age old question of when to ween "Junior".  Many notable speakers will be in town to discuss this question in hopes of coming to a consensus.
Breast feeding is becoming more and more the "norm" as medical studies show the benefits to the new born baby.  The problems seem to arise in knowing when to ween the baby.  Some experts say anywhere from a year to two years, while others say longer is more beneficial. 
Noted breast feeding expert Taki Tazt will discuss various options for breast feeding older babies. "The bond formed between mother and child, sometimes causes the child to want to continue breast feeding much longer then needed," she told CHANNEL 1 NEWS. "This is especially true with male children." Tazt suggests giving the older child a reward for quitting. " After weening, a colorful T-shirt  that says, 'I AM A WEENEE', has shown to be a big hit."

 Breast feeding mothers are asked to bring their  their questions and stories of successful weening.  The seminar will conclude on Sunday with a mass breast feeding at two P.M. in Center Park.
CHANNEL 1 NEWS will be keeping our readers abreast of upcoming events.

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