Monday, August 5, 2013



Dave Taylor, contemplating his 57th
birthday as he looks ahead to the stories
yet to be covered.
With little fanfare yesterday, CHANNEL 1 NEWS'S senior analyst and anchor Dave Taylor turned the page and celebrated his 57th birthday.  In a very short "celebration" he lit a candle for truth, crossed off the date on his personal calendar, held and looked at a picture of his childhood puppy Snarly Charlie, and then  immediately immersed himself in his work of in depth searching for the news stories you need and want to hear. 
Being Sunday, the office was closed and empty except for Taylor, who never takes a day off.  His fellow workers at CHANNEL 1 NEWS tried to surprise him with a cake and his favorite meal of fish sticks, but he would have none of it.  He asked that the "goodies" be donated to a nearby hospital and thanked his co-workers for remembering, before locking himself in the office to work. Try as he could to remain working, he was interrupted repeatedly throughout the rest of the day.  Shortly afternoon he received a call from Queen Elizabeth, with whom Taylor had just visited to help in naming the new royal baby.  The call lasted just over 90 minutes.  Next came a call from the incumbent President of China, XiJinping, who is an avid follower of Taylor's news. During their conversation he apologized for banning CHANNEL 1 NEWS in his country for reasons he could not divulge.  The next caller was President Obama, who shares a birthday with Taylor.  They discussed world affairs for just short of 45 minutes and then sang Happy Birthday to each other before ending the call.

President Obama chatting with Dave Taylor
on their shared birthday.
Taylor went on to receive many more calls from friends and dignitaries around the world before calling it a day.  In an end of the day statement, he had this to say:  "Thanks to all who remembered me on my birthday!  And now let's get down to some real news....." 

CHANNEL 1 NEWS is also happy to report that Dave Taylor signed a new multi-year contract and will be reporting the latest as it happens, for quite a while.  Happy Birthday Dave!

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