Monday, August 19, 2013


"Gone are the days of the rose tattoo or "MOM" etched inside
a heart. More and more people are leaning toward an extreme
 tattoo like this one." Extreme Eddie told his client Sy Clone.
Two days ago Sy Clone, 24 of Bridgeport, gave himself a buzz cut and walked into Extreme Eddie's Tattoo Parlor.  Six hours later, Extreme Eddie had created a masterpiece on Clone's head, changing the way he looked forever.

"We live in a world of craziness" X Ed told CHANNEL 1 NEWS, "Why not let yourself join the madness?"  Extreme Eddie or X Ed as he prefers friends call him and who's legal name is  Kerby Bobsucker is new to Bridgeport.  In his formative years he had two loves, football helmets and tattoos.  He said it was only natural then to tattoo a helmet onto his head and after the local tattoo artist made a mess with the tattoo of the  face guard, X Ed took over tattooing his own head, and has never looked back.

Extreme Eddie, shown with his
self given full helmet tattoo.  "I love
football helmets!" he confessed.
When asked if he ever regretted the helmet tattoo, his reply was only when his hair grows too long, "hairy helmets haven't caught on yet".
X Ed bought out the tattoo artist and moved the business to Salt Lake, where he admits he nearly starved, before moving to Bridgeport two months ago.  "Business here is great!  This is a crazy place to live and I can finally say I'm no longer operating in the red!  No pun intended!" he laughed.
He hopes to expand his parlor this fall and says he will start giving senior discounts. In his spare time he will continue to work on tattooing football shoulder pads onto his shoulders.  He also sees giving himself a tattooed jock strap in the future. 
CHANNEL 1 NEWS will follow this story in future reports.

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