Friday, August 2, 2013


The "Great Ger Koff" shown stepping into
his magic window on Tuesday night. He has
yet to come back and his family and creditors
are worried.
Family members of local magician The Great Ger Koff, whose legal name is Gerry Koff, are in a panic mode after Koff literally disappeared during a performance on Tuesday night.  Koff was the main and final act Tuesday night at the Bridgeport Talent & Sweet Corn Husking Show held in City Park.
In the final magic act of each performance, The Great Ger Koff steps into a "magic" window and appears to disappear.  On Tuesday night he stepped into the window and as the frame fell to the floor, the audience gasped and looked at each other in amazement.  The applause that followed was deafening.

As the last of the thrilled audience filed out of the show tent, Koff's mother ran up on stage and picked up the picture frame.  "Where is my Ger Koff?" she blurted with a tear in her eye.  "He was suppose to come right back, he's still in there!"  Bridgeport police were called soon after and leery of becoming part of a magic show prank responded slowly.  Investigative officer Tu Long did not arrive on the scene until noon on Wednesday where he found an anxious group of family members milling around.  To make matters worse, a larger group of Koff's creditors were also present.  A quick check by Channel 1 News found that Koff was not only behind in his rent, groceries, and escort services, but he also owed Bug's Bunny Ranch,  $1500 for rabbits used in his show.

Mrs. Koff waits and hopes that
 her son "The Great Ger Koff"
will reappear soon.
Koff's mother, who claimed she was once sawed in half by her son and has the scares to prove it, maintained the disappearance trick had gone terribly wrong.  "My Gerry is either looking for  rabbits that never came back or is lost."  His creditors aren't buying her story and think he has skipped town.  They have filed for an injunction to keep the picture frame in a jail cell.
Judge Ima Kidd will rule on the request after watching an audience member's phone video of Koff's disappearing act. "I'm going to watch it in slow motion" Judge Kidd said.  "Over and over if I have to."

 Channel 1 News will follow this story and hopefully will be able to report the safe return of The Great Ger Koff.

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