Saturday, August 3, 2013


Burly Bob is new
this year and has
crossable farm boy
Northern Nan will keep you
warm in front of  the crackling
bon fire.
Business News Saturday showcases new businesses in town.

With Fall right around the corner, the sun will soon set earlier and the cool evening air will send shivers through your body and make goosebumps on your skin.  This according to the ad campaign of Snuggle Buddies R Us, an upstart business in Bridgeport.
Buster Rose, spokesman for Snuggle BuddiesRUs of Bridgeport was downtown Friday to promote their new line of Snuggle Buddies for Fall.  "You know, with the cooler weather coming, there's going to be many hayrides and bon fires coming up and if you're a loner like I am,  a Snuggle Buddie can help keep you warm and be your friend."
Rose showcased two of the company's newest units which he said were so life like he had to keep them separated.  The male unit, Burly Bob, stands 6' 2" and comes with a fixed permanent grin on his rugged face.  He also has thick farm boy style legs that can be easily crossed when sitting around a campfire.  "In our tests, ladies also liked his large perky ears," he added.
For the men, Snuggle Buddies is introducing Northern Nan.  Nan is hearty lass in a white dress that exposes long goose bump covered legs.  "No man can resist a girl with goose bumps on her legs." Rose said blushingly.  Her eyes can be fixed open in a look of surprise or as slits.  She too has a permanent grin on her face.  Both units can be ordered with your choice of hair color and are guaranteed to keep you warm, happy, and in good company on those cool autumn nights. As their ad states, "Everybody needs a Snuggle Buddy." The cost of these "Buddies" was not discussed.  Rose said only, "If you have to ask how much they cost, you probably can't afford one."

Snuggle BuddiesRUs spokesman Buster
Rose with Snuggle Buddie Roxanne, a
popular college coed Study Buddie.

Channel 1 News will report on popularity of these products in the coming business reports.

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