Thursday, August 1, 2013


This picture of Dave Taylor taken during
the recent voting for the new Pope, leaked
out of the Vatican this morning.
News leaking out of the Vatican this morning has hundreds of followers dropping to their knees.  As news of the leak spreads throughout the world, the huge church following could break the Guinness Brothers' record for the most people on their knees at one time.  The news leak, in the form of a picture shows Dave Taylor blessing a group of young Cardinals.  Vatican officials played down  the photo by saying the picture was taken during a voting recess, when attendees dressed in costumes and played Charades.
Yet other inside sources tell Channel 1 News that Taylor was chosen in a secret ballad, to step in for Pope Frances in an emergency.  "Although Taylor is not a Catholic, his broad appeal across the globe could unite the masses," said Father Chico Jamison, as he broke a vow of silence and asked that his name not to be used.  (Channel 1 News considered this request and was undecided at the time of this printing.)
Avid Channel 1 News readers will remember that Dave Taylor was called to the Vatican to help in selecting the new Pope.  Taylor was sequestered with Cardinals from around the world as they prayed and voted for a new Pope to replace Pope Benidict.  Pope Benidict and Taylor had become good friends and Twittered each other almost daily.  It was Pope Benidict who asked that Taylor help out in the voting.  It was Father Jamison who says it went farther than that.  A secret ballad was held in which Taylor was chosen to "take over" if Pope Frances ever wanted it.
Dave Taylor was reached at his vacation condo and when asked about the Vatican leak, denied the story saying that his life is about reporting news, not leading a flock.
Channel 1 News will remain neutral in reporting this story, yet follow it if the need arises.  In a closing note, Channel 1 News will reach a decision soon about not using Father Jamison's name in future stories.)

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