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Escalators at EZ Fitness  make it easy for
clients to get to the entrance. "Its our no sweat
approach." said EZ Fitness Co-Owner
Preston Nubbs.
At long last Bridgeport has joined the rest of the world and can now boast having a fitness center.  EZ Fitness, a Hollywood based franchise company opened a new store over the weekend.  The EZ Fitness Gym is located in the old Bridgeport Packing Plant building on UpChuck St. and has the company's signature entrance complete with escalators. 
Co-Owner Preston Nubbs was quick to point out the escalators are part of the no sweat approach to fitness.  "At EZ Fitness, if you're sweating, you're over doing it," he said.  CHANNEL 1 NEWS'S Dave Taylor, a stickler for fitness sat down and talked with franchise owner/operators Preston Nubbs and Tyler Bates at Mom's Pizza Parlor.

Co-Owners Preston Nubbs and Tyler
Bates are looking forward to living in
Bridgeport.They have been close friends
since high school.
Taylor asked the pair to explain the EZ Fitness approach and motto.  Bates without hesitation spoke up, "Let me go first.  The company motto is 'If you want to get fit, no sweat' and we believe the motto says it all! You don't have to sweat to get fit.  From the time you ride the escalators up to the door, to the end of your twenty minute breathing routine and back down to the street again, you shouldn't have a drop of sweat on you." 
Next Nubbs added, "Man is the only animal that sweats! Did you know that?  And that's because he allows himself to get all worked up.  Our approach is to unwork you, taking a no work, no sweat approach.  We even have woolen Tee shirts that say "NO SWEAT" printed on them and all new paying members will get to wear one."

Memberships at EZ Fitness start at $89 for the 21 year old and younger crowd while older and heavy sweaters can expect to pay $199 for a six month membership.  EZ Fitness hours are 9:30 A.M. to 3 P.M. Tuesday thru Friday.  Closed weekends and Mondays.   CHANNEL 1 NEWS hopes to report more about this amazing business as testimonials become available.

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