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A disguised Dave Taylor sat in numerous new cars
for six weeks using covert instruments to detect the
exact location of that "new car smell."
In a breaking story just released late this afternoon, CHANNEL 1 NEWS'S Senior anchor and reporter, revealed a covert assignment he headed in December of 2013 to learn the secret behind "that new car smell". That distinct smell of the interior of a new car has been a guarded secret since Henry Ford's first automobile came off the assembly line.  CHANNEL 1 NEWS decided to send Dave Taylor in undercover, to find out just what the secret is.
Taylor, disguised as a yuppie shopping for new cars, spent six weeks at various new car dealerships.  He logged over forty seven hours behind the wheel of an array of new cars.
A 300 VVX  Snif-o-cater like the one
used by Dave Taylor to pin point car
interior smells and odors.
When he wasn't test driving new cars, he was sitting in the rear seat asking the sales personnel about lease plans, and rust protection clauses, anything to buy time sitting in "that new car smell".  Unknowingly to the dealers, strapped to his leg was a specially designed instrument to locate where certain smells originate.  The instrument, a 300 VVX Snif-o-cater, is a device so high tech, Taylor had to obtain a security clearance from the Pentagon. 
Tests were done with the car windows up and windows down and while traveling at different speeds from 10 to 100 m.p.h.  

On the forty first day Taylor had a break through moment and was able to detect the exact location of that "new car smell" and determine what odors are combined to make the smell everyone enjoys. 
According to Taylor those odors are: Eight parts odor of frog hair, nine parts pine cone odor, three parts odor of camel saliva, one whiff of monkey breath, and the odor of compressed dead air found inside a pumpkin.  The odors of these items when mixed exactly together, create that pleasant "new car smell" in all new cars.
This information can't be substantiated however, as the Snif-o-cater used in the study, was stolen and the information deleted.  It is Taylor's word against the Auto Industry and CHANNEL 1 NEWS stands behind Taylor and his findings.  Taylor is currently on assignment in Sochi, Russia.

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