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Bets Taker arrest photo
Betty (Bets) Taker, 36, of Bunion Lake was arrested and given a sedative Monday evening after attacking her husband of 10 years, Risky, 49, with a hat pin. Police were called by a neighbor after hearing screams coming from the Taker's house shortly after midnight. 
"Christ oh mighty!" the neighbor told Doug Deeper from OFF THE WALL NEWS. "You would have thunk someone put a cat in bird cage!  At first I thought they were watching a late night cock fight on the Spaniard channel, until I heard the Mrs. screaming.  I knew she was a big cock fight fan, but she never let herself get that excited." 
Police arrived and found Mrs. Taker standing over Mr. Taker with a rolling pin in one hand and a hat pin in the other.  Police Captain Rolen Douh was able to calm down Ms.Taker with  a tab of police grade Valium, after which he arrested and cuffed her.  Capt. Douh was able to piece together what had taken place that evening and gave the story to OFF THE WALL NEWS after receiving a promise of anonymity to protect his identity.
Risky Taker refused medical help
It appears the couple had amassed a small cluster of jewels, worth thousands of dollars according to Mrs. Taker.  Late Sunday night as Mrs. Taker took a bubble bath, Mr. Taker took the jewels from her dressing table and buried them in the couples back yard.  As he buried the jewels, Mrs.Taker finished her bath and realized the jewels were gone.  Hearing someone outside the house, she thought it was the intruder that had taken the jewels. As Mr. Taker was trying to come into the house, Mrs Taker hit him with the rolling pin, knocking him to the floor. 
Realizing who it was, she asked him what he did with the jewels and he could only shake his head and say he couldn't remember.  That's when it got ugly, Captain Douh said.
Mrs. Taker literally came unglued and began beating Mr Taker with the rolling pin and threatened to waterboard him if need be to retrieve the jewels.  Police fear that if they hadn't intervened, Taker might have been killed and the jewels might have been lost forever. Making matters worse, police aren't really sure there even were any jewels, given Mrs. Takers state of mind. As she was taken away, she still demanded her husband be waterboarded.  OFF THE WALL NEWS will continue to follow this story until the truth is known. 

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