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This is the third and final installment of Dave Taylor's interview with Donald Trump in Iowa. See the first two installments in previous editions of OFF THE WALL NEWS.  

"I'll make Marathon great again!" (Marathon cira 1964)
The sleek black limo turned off of Highway 10 and headed into the small Iowa town of Marathon, a once booming town of 700 or more with businesses lining both sides of the street, stretching a whole two blocks.  Today most all the businesses and the buildings that held them are gone.
Looking out the window of the limo Trump tapped the window and asked me what I saw.
At the end of the block stood the town's only business, a tavern. "A ghost town"  I replied.
He held his hands up in front of himself and said "Then you are only seeing the obvious, I want you to understand Dave, I not only see the obvious, I can see what others can't see.  And I know myself quite well. I don't wear glasses or even contacts, for that matter. I look out the window and I see sky scrapers for as far as you can see.  I see streets full of people, restaurants, clothing stores, you name it, it's out there, even book stores selling my books. This town was once probably great.  I'm going to make it great again, just like I'm going to make America great again!"
Trump, "I'll make Marathon great again!
Trump had worked himself up enough that drool was sliding down his cheek.  At this point I tried to get a word in edgewise, but couldn't.
He put his white "Make America Great Again" hat on his head and his eyes became glassy.  "I'll make Marathon great again!"
It then became apparent why he had brought me to this small town of less than two hundred people, in Northwest Iowa.  This ghost of a town would be used to show the world what he could do in terms of rebuilding the America he believes exists today.
The limo slowly turned around at the far end of the empty main street and slowly made its way back to where the lone tavern stood.  A few locals were now trickling out from the bar holding Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton signs.  Through the tinted glass of the limo they appeared to be of Hispanic origin.

"These are the people that need to be deported!" Trump said while knocking his knuckle on the window.  "Once I get everything built here, I will put a wall around Marathon and keep these illegals out.  The wall will be a prelude to the larger wall I'll build on the Mexican border.  I'm rich Dave and I'm excited.  You could also say, I'm excited and I'm rich, either way, its the same."
Just at that moment the limo's phone rang and Trump answered it.
"I see," he said into the mouthpiece.  "Good, the exposure will do me good. Send the Trump copter for me."
He quickly explained to me that he had been chosen to appear for trial duty in New York on Monday and his helicopter was on its way to take him to the airport.  Then came the bombshell.
"Dave, I've been checking you and your news organization out.  Quite thoroughly I might add.  You know more about what is going on than all of the other Republican candidates put together.  I just may ask you to be my running mate.  What do you think of  that?"
I didn't have to stop to think, not even for a moment. I answered him instantly.  "Donald, I'm honored that you think so highly of me, but my life is dedicated to delivering the news.  I don't want to be the news.  Please remove me from your short list."
Trump pursed his lips, closed his eyes, and remained silent as the limo sped out of Marathon.  A few minutes later we pulled over and his helicopter landed and took him away, leaving me to ride back to Des Moines alone.  I realized right then, being a newsman can be mighty lonely sometimes.....
Dave Taylor, OFF THE WALL NEWS....

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