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Following is an exclusive story of the meetings and conversations between Donald Trump and Dave Taylor as reported by Dave Taylor from their private meeting held Saturday night.

                                                       DES MOINES, IA.
The Donald in Iowa's heartland
Not long after the helicopter touched down at a private airstrip near Des Moines on Saturday, did I have to wait for Mr. Trump and his entourage to arrive.  Four shiny limos rolled up along side the copter, followed by bus loads of onlookers, who had paid up to $20 a piece to attend the airstrip event.  I adjusted my necktie and stepped onto the tarmac just as the Donald got out of the third limo.
Excitement follows Trump wherever he goes. The bus loads of revelers, upon seeing Trump began clapping and shouting "Donald, Donald, Donald!!"  He waved to them and shouted back, "I love bus loads of Iowans! I'm rich and if elected to the presidency, I will see that every Iowan gets free bus rides for life!"
He came up to me and grabbed my shoulder and greeted me warmly.  "Hey Dave, glad you could make it.  I like your suit by the way. And I mean that not in a gay way.  I have nothing against gays and I think you know that.  Some of my best friends became gay and they all wore suits like the one you are wearing.  Are you gay?" 
I assured him I was not, although I had many good friends that were.  He accepted that reply and shook my hand. 
The bus people by now had all emptied the buses and were beginning to surround us, whistling and yelling.  "Don't be frightened," Trump said above the noise.  "These Iowa Republicans just like to make a lot of noise."
I had chosen to wear a Kim Jong Un hair piece to this occasion, so as to make the Donald less self conscience of his own hair. Some in the crowd took offense to it and began booing and hissing.
Trump's "Bus People"
"We better get into the limo!" Trump yelled. "I don't think there are any North Korans in this crowd.  And it's not that diverse,  mostly farmers."   He raised his hand to them and asked them to stop hissing in return for free limo rides in the three other limos that had arrived with his.  As the crowd erupted into a wild cheer, we ducked into his limo where the Donald said, "I like the Kim Jong look, but it doesn't play well in Iowa. And I really believe that. I wouldn't say that if I didn't. You'd better get rid of the hair Dave, or comb it more like mine. They all love my hair. And I mean that, from one man to another."
The limo started and we raced away from the scene.
(To be continued in the next issue of OFF THE WALL NEWS)

In part two of this exclusive report, Dave Taylor tells of the face to face meeting with Donald Trump, which spells out Trumps plan to move his empire to Marathon, a tiny dying town in Northwest Iowa.  Only in OFF THE WALL NEWS will you be able to read this story of change.

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