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The Donald with his new Do hopes to silence scoffers.
Donald Trump the leading Republican candidate for President, showed off his new look at a mud wrestling fund raiser near Trump's adopted Iowa hometown of Marathon.  He was met by a troop of reporters, who were given permission to camp in the town's park on the west side of this burg of two hundred or so people.  Trump's helicopter, Trump One, landed on Main Street just before noon Saturday, causing the fifteen or so patron's of Ike's Job Site, the local bar, to come spilling out onto the street to get a glimpse of Trump. 
As Trump exited the copter,  some mistook him for former Led Zeppelin front man, Robert Plant.
A small crowd quickly surrounded him, made up of the national media and local autograph seekers. 

Trump quickly took to the meeting by tossing his hair back from his face.  "I hope you like it!" he yelled.  "And before you ask, all I did was wash it, towel dry it a bit, and let it set itself.  What do you think?" 
"Daddy's girl", Ivanka Trump
There was a small bit of applause and then someone from the rear yelled, "It looks like Robert Plant's hair."  Trump turned to one of his security men and said, "Get that ass hole out of here! and then addressed the small crowd.  "Just to clear up any confusion, and I know there is some confusion, this is my real hair.  My daughter Ivanka, you know Ivanka? Blonde, blue eyes, really big, a I won't go there.  If she wasn't my daughter, I'd, I won't go there either. My daughter Ivanka, is one of my biggest supporters and she knows how to get me to let my hair down.  I'm glad she does because I like it, I really, really do.  I didn't come here today to talk about my hair though, even though I like it and Ivanka likes it, I came here today to attend a mud wrestling fund raiser for my good friends,  Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.  They are going to wrestle for a good cause today, The Donald Trump Mexican Wall Fund!   And it's going to be dirty.  And who doesn't like to see ladies get dirty?  Follow me to the mud pit we've created just on the out skirts of town."
Sarah and Michele, down and dirty fun

The action then moved to the site of the mud wrestling event, where Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann were signing autographs for a group of young high school boys eager to see the up coming match in the mud.  The two women wore skimpy bikinis and were creating quite a stir in the crowd by saying they were going after the others bikini top once they got to wrestling.  As soon as Trump arrived, both woman ran up to him and started running their fingers through his hair.  "I've always wanted to do this." Palin said with a giggle. "John (McCain) didn't have any!"  Trump then turned to the crowd of mostly men and yelled, "Are you ready for some down and dirty fun?"  "Yes!" came the reply and the two women jumped into the mud pit and began pulling each others hair.
As this report went to print, the mud wrestling match was still in progress and over $3000 had been raised. 

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